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Lens Mod, Restorations

This section of our blog is dedicated to feature my past and current work. I do restoration and modding for my own lenses only and do not offer any cleaning/restoration services.

Tinkering with mechanics has been my aptitude as early as I can remember, at the age of 4. I would randomly try to study what's inside things and to do experiments long before I learned to read and write.

All of my conversions are from other mounts (usually Minolta MD, M42, Pentax K, Olympus) to Nikon mount. 

For my restoration work, this involves cleaning up the cosmetic appearance from dirt and dust. Occasionally some lenses come with fungus and need cleaning. I normally avoid lenses with haze. Haze takes more effort to clean and you usually have to scrub the surface real hard since they are embedded. Sometimes I also fix broken parts to make them work again.

PHILOSOPHY: Nothing is impossible if you really believe and with a sheer force of will.

September - Holga HL-N 60mm f/8: How To Make The Aperture Brighter (It's Actually An f/22!)

March - Soligor C/D 80-200mm f/4.5 Macro+Zoom MC
March - Vivitar 28-200mm (Cosina), Reverse Globular Effect and Scratches on the Glass
July 20 - Komura 200/3.5, Converting the Leica Visoflex Adapter from M/SR to N/AI

January 26 - Konica A/R Directly Mounted on Nikon DSLR as Macro Lens
March - Nikon Series E 75-150mm f/3.5 by Kino Precision (Fungus and Haze)
March - Zoom-Nikkor 100-300mm f/5.6 Macro (Fungus and Haze)
April 21 - Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 - Extreme Swirly Bokeh Petzval Effect Mod
May 06 - Tamron Adaptall 2 SP 90mm f/2.5 Macro... Gummy Focusing Helicoid
May 23 - Olympus F.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8, Converting OM to Nikon F Mount
May 28 - Nikkor-S 50mm f/1.4... Oily Aperture Blades, Final Solution
May 30 - Micro-Nikkor-P 55mm f/3.5, Pre-AI
May 28 - SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4 (Resurrection from Haze, Convert to Nikon Mount)
June 06 - Nikkor 85mm f/2 AI, Badly Beaten Up Lens
June 29 - SMC Pentax-M 75-150mm f/4
July 05 - Simple Fix for the Broken Aperture Mechanism on the Vivitar 28-85/2.8-3.8
July 13 - Sands & Hunter 35mm f/2.8 Preset T-Mount Lens (12 Blades)
July 16 - How To Replace OM Mount with Nikon Mount
July 16 - Cleaning Haze from the Middle Glass Element, Olympus Zuiko 75-150/4
July 19 - Soligor C/D 300/5.6, Stiff Focus Ring and Fungus + First Sample
August 21 - Cracks on the Tokina AT-X Pro SD 12-24/4
August 22 - Oily Haze on Nikkor-O 35mm f/2
August 29 - Petri 55mm f/1.8 CC Auto (Petri Bayonet to Nikon with Infinity)
September 05 - Tamron Adaptall 38-100/3.5, No Infinity and Stuck Aperture Blades
September 10 - Hack For Camera Portrait Mode on Tripod When Lens Is Too Heavy
September 12 - Thick Stubborn Haze/Fungus on Olympus Zuiko 65-200/4
September 20 - Flocking the Soligor C/D 300/5.6 Mirror Lens (KOMINE)
October 01 - Copy Variation On My Tamron Adaptall 70-150/3.5 (20A)???
October 17 - Canon FL 135mm f/2.5, Conversion To Nikon F Mount
December 05 - Soligor 105/135mm, Stiff Focusing Helicoid And Stuck Aperture Ring
December 05 - Vivitar 135/2.8 (Tokina), Blackening The Edges Of Elements To Improve Contrast
December 11 - Correcting The Focus To Infinity On My Soligor 135/2.8 Preset T-Mount Lens
December 21 - DIY Soft Diffusion Filter Using Packaging Tape
December 22 - Converting Non-AI Lenses To AI: What, Why and How
December 28 - Alfo Supercolor/Samyang 28/2.8 (Minolta SR To Nikon F)

January 10 - Sigma 18-200mm Fungus Rescue (A Year Overdue Cleaning)
January 15 - Helios 44M-6 58mm f/2, Swirly Bokeh With Infinity For Nikonians
January 16 - Vivitar 135/2.8 Bokeh Monster, Focusing Ring Not Aligned To Infinity
January 16 - T-Mount Lens Does Not Focus Correctly To Infinity
January 18 - Super Takumar 55/1.8 Infinity On Nikon DSLRs
January 25 - Flocking the Vivitar/Tokina 135mm f/2.8
January 28 - Resurrecting A Dead Nikon Series E 50/1.8 (S/N 2763583)
February 06 - Alfo Supercolor MC (SAMYANG) 135/2.8 From Pentax K To Nikon F Mount
February 10 - Using Old Nikkor CPU Lenses For Videos Without Getting Error
February 24 - Super Takumar 50/1.4 With Infinity For Nikon SLRs
March 17 - Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 58mm f/1.4 To Nikon F Mount


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