LENSTORATION: Sigma 18-200mm Fungus Rescue

Sigma 18-200mm Fungus Rescue
Sigma 18-200mm Fungus Rescue

10 January 2017

Sigma 18-200mm, bought on December 2015 with plenty of fungus yet it performs like it was crystal clear. Occasionally when zoomed around 150-200mm do I notice some softness.

It was left that way for a year with me but today I finally opened it up for cleaning. It only took 20 minutes. The things you should have done long ago...

Somebody sold it to me saying 'clean' and 'no fungus', only at home did I see it when zooming to 200mm (you won't see it at 18mm). You had alot of nerves doing that mister...

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the layout of this lens and neither is this post a tutorial for anyone. This is merely a documentation for my own study.

Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OS HSM

(All samples of the album in this link were shot when the lens had plenty of fungus. No edit or sharpening, you can see that it's already wonderfully crisp! I used soft filter on some photos, in case you're wondering why they look VERY soft.)

Product Info

Sigma 18-200mm Fungus Rescue

Raw unedited sample at 200mm f/6.3
on my Nikon D5200 (Standard)

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